Benefits of Owning Your Own Water Well in Chicagoland


It’s estimated that over 15 million American homes rely on private wells for their water. While many of these wells exist in rural areas in which city water mains do not exist, an increasing amount of them exist in urban and suburban areas.


Perhaps you’ve been thinking about installing your own water well, but aren’t sure whether or not it’s the right choice for you. Maybe you’re looking for something to sway your opinion on the matter. It is a big decision, and should be thoroughly thought through. To help you out, let’s first cover some misconceptions about water wells.


Common Misconceptions About Water Wells


     •  Wells are susceptible to contamination

While it’s true that wells can become contaminated by ground chemicals such as pesticides and other toxic substances, this is only true of poorly constructed wells. The key to a safe, high-functioning well is to dig it deep enough so that ground chemicals cannot interfere. Typically, a well of at least 100 feet deep will serve its purpose wonderfully.


     •  Water wells are prone to running dry

Yes, it’s true that wells can run dry, but this is not at all a common occurrence. Most well owners never experience a dry well, and those that do only experience it once, or maybe twice in their lives. If you do run into problems with your well drying up, you can call a professional out to assess the problem and find a solution.


Benefits of Water Wells

Now that we’ve discussed some misconceptions about wells, let’s talk about the benefits of owning a well.


     1.  Lower water costs

Perhaps the best part about owning your own well is that, once it has been installed, your water is completely free. The water that runs through your shower heads, hoses, sink faucets, and water taps doesn’t cost a single penny.


The only thing you might have to spend some money on is regular water testing and well maintenance. Still, in the long run, this will be a great deal cheaper than paying for city water.


     2.  Well water is more natural than city water

Even though it’s purified by the city, city water is filled with chemicals and additives such as chlorine and fluoride. While these chemicals are not dangerous in any way, they do serve to make city water less natural.


Because well water does not contain any of these chemicals or additives, it is more natural, both in taste and consistency. If you’re skeptical about what the city is putting in the city water supply, you would be best served by digging your own well.


     3.  You’re not dependent on the city

One of the great things about having your own water well is that your ability to collect and use water is completely dependent on you. If you use city water, you are completely at the mercy of the city and its ability to keep the water supply safe and thriving.


City water supplies often run into problems; broken water pipes, contamination, and otherwise. While you can run into similar problems with your own well, you will at least be able to take the problem into your own hands. You won’t have to wait around for a separate entity to solve the problem for you.


     4.  Wells can be located wherever there’s enough space

Unlike with city water, which is being pumped in from miles and miles away, your well water can be pumped in from anywhere on your property. As long as your selected area is big enough, it’s a sufficient spot to dig a well.


Having your well close to your home will allow you to check up on it frequently and thoroughly, ensuring that it’s always functioning to the best of its ability.


    5.  Well water tastes better

This, of course, is completely dependent on personal taste, but a great number of consumers remark on how much better well water tastes than city water. In general, well water has a softer, more savory taste. This is due to the fact that it’s not overloaded with added minerals and chemicals.



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Benefits of Owning Your Own Water Well in Chicagoland