Suburban Well drilling co. is your leader in constant pressure systems.  We carry all makes and models with full warranties to ensure proper sizing, efficiency and operation.


A constant pressure system is a variable speed system that speeds up and slows down to meet the demand of flow and pressure.  When no water is being used, it is a system that goes to “sleep.”  It is a soft start system that only uses the energy needed to meet demand.  It is made up primarily of two components: proper well pump and motor, and the proper drive or controller.  This system takes the place of old, traditional pressure tank systems.  Proper sizing and calibrating is critical in these systems.  When built, and installed correctly, the average life expectancy is 25-30 years.   A traditional pressure tank system life expectancy is 9-12 years.

 A constant pressure system is the perfect solution in almost every situation.  They offer benefits on both ends.…to the user and on the mechanical side.   Constant pressure systems offer energy savings, space saving, no scalding water temperatures, no pressure drops or fluctuations, multiple faucets and shower usage without loss of pressure, quiet operation, self-diagnosing intelligence, electrical protection, and in many cases, they are more cost-effective.


Benefits that are less obvious are (no heat in motor), no torque and slapping of drop pipe and wire, less oxidation in well and in water, lower velocities, better performance of water treatment equipment, less weight, lower levels of electrolysis, elimination of plumbing banging and rattling, no maintenance, and a cleaner longer lasting well.


In today’s market, constant pressure systems have taken over the industry.  95% of new home and business construction projects are variable speed systems.  This means no more pressure switch and large tank.  However, there is no “off the shelf” system.  Each system must be carefully sized and calculated for your well and application.  The metrics associated with each well is critical.  Things that must be properly accounted for are: gpm, gpm/ft, TDH, drawdown, start up thrust, voltage, etc.  Without this information, you can be sure a system will not be sized and installed correctly.  A good contractor and professional well company are important for these reasons.  Those that question the efficacy of constant pressure systems simply the lack of knowledge, understanding and proper education of these systems.


Don’t get stuck on a brand name.  There are many different brands and types.  Each brand and type has something to offer.  It is important to understand which will work best for your application.  There are analog drives and digital drives.  There are floating stack pumps, fixed stack pumps, and floating impeller stack pumps.  Applying the appropriate device to the job it will be performing is where Suburban Well Drilling can help.  The proper pump for the application is critical to make sure the pump can slow down enough to operate in low flow conditions like just a kitchen faucet running.  Almost any pump can run full speed and pump a lot of water.  But the wrong pump won’t last long.  Don’t shop for the cheapest price.  Do your research and make sure you invest in the correct system.  Like in all aspects of life, deciding to buy simply the cheapest system will cost you far more down the road.


If you already have a constant pressure system but are having problems with it or if you are not sure if its working correctly, call us.  We service and warranty all makes and models of drives, controllers, and pumps.  Some common issues associated with constant pressure systems can be surging, over pressurization, never going to sleep, nuisance tripping and shutting down and noisy fans.  Many times problems with constant pressure systems can be as simple as programming and adjusting and may not cost anything.  If you’re not confident that your system is working correctly and your installer says its fine, or you do not have a warranty, call us today.  We have a lot of experience servicing systems that where recently installed by others.  To get the maximum life and efficiency out of your system, it is important that it is working correctly.


Frequently asked questions:


  • Do I need a tank with a constant pressure system?


Yes, and the proper sizing of the tank is a must.  In most cases, a small 4 gallon tank is all that is required set to 70% of system set point.


  • My well is low producing and runs out of water, will a constant pressure system work for me?


In most cases, yes.  Some wells do get to the point where they are simply no good and are ready for replacement.  However, many low producing wells perform better with a constant pressure system.  This is due, in part, that it will pump only what you’re using.  A standard kitchen faucet is 1.5 gpm.  A pressure tank system turns on and pumps max performance to try to fill the tank(s) resulting in large drawdown and running out of water.


  • Can a constant pressure system be installed in my crawl space?


 Yes it can.  In fact, constant pressure systems typically use a manifold design and can be hung and mounted off walls or joyces.  This leaves nothing on the floor to get wet or float and tip over.  Also, the drive or controller can be mounted upstairs where you can see it and operate it.  It is an extremely versatile system.


  • I have no place to install a well tank and system.  Can a constant pressure system be mounted outside?


Yes.  In fact, a constant pressure system can be completely installed inside your well, making the system frost proof and protected from mother nature and tampering.  This is common for cemeteries, duplexes, old farms where there was a well pit, golf courses, etc.   This eliminates the need for a “pump house” or excavation to install electric lines.





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